Cherry Blossoms Festival in Buffalo, New York

Cherry Blossoms Festival in Buffalo, New York

Between the middle of April and early May, when the sun is high and the sky is bright, the mystic season of Cherry Blossoms lures everyone to the parks to admire and smell these little pink and white flowers.

Beautiful Dianna Derhak proudly represented Ukraine at the International Cherry Blossom Festival that took place at the Buffalo History Museum. The event was dedicated to a rich cultural diversity in Western New York. As Dianna said that Ukrainians were a vibrant part of that region.

Along with representatives from Poland Hungry, Peru and many others, Dianna Derhak took part in the Interactive Parade of Fashion featuring International & Historical Attire: Traditional and Folk Costumes. Every participant wore his or her country's cultural costumes. Dianna was dressed in the stunning Ukrainian national clothing (embroidery) and traditional headpiece ("vinok") which, nowadays, became the signature element of every Ukrainian event, ether it is a concert, festival, or a demonstration.

Dianna Derhak is a strong woman and powerful leader. She teaches self-empowerment and leadership seminars. As she says, "Leadership is beyond the traditional notion of title and position. It is about transforming OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITIES."

On May 16, 2015, Dianna will give a self-empowerment and leadership seminar in Buffalo, NY. She welcomes everyone who wants to experience the workshop in a dynamic group and create your vision and action plan. I had a privilege to meet Dianna in person a few times. She is a happy, life-loving and super positive person. Details of Dianna's event you will find in UAPOST.US Event Calendar