Fun and weird facts about Ukraine

Fun and weird facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a European country with the rich history and it is not a secret that there are a lot of weird and fun facts about this country. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Fun Ukrainian traditions and everyday life

Right hand for the wedding ring

Ukrainian people are really weird, they wear wedding rings on the right hand because of some Christian Orthodox beliefs.

Friendly nation without too many smiles

Ukrainians are known for being very friendly, but they don’t like to smile to strangers.  So, don’t be disappointed if you smile and a person doesn’t smile back. It doesn’t mean that a person is rude or impolite.

Bilingual nation

Almost all Ukrainians can speak two languages Russian and Ukrainian, though the national language is only one and it is Ukrainian.

Card games are taboo

Christians in Ukraine can’t play cards, because this game is considered to be the part of the gambling world, full of sins and temptations.

Need a restroom, spend some money

If you wish to use the restroom in public places in Ukraine, be ready to pay for it. It is a really weird fact, because all European countries provide free restrooms in public places. Oh, when you will be using them in Ukraine, don’t forget to say thanks for the toilet paper.

Plastic bags are not for everyone

If you decided to go to the grocery store, be sure that you have enough plastic bags. It is not a joke, you have to pay for them in the grocery stores in Ukraine. Maybe that’s why a lot of Ukrainians use this disposable bags many times.

Peculiar restrooms in trains

If you travel by train in Ukraine, don’t be surprised to see the ground when you go to the restroom. Ukrainian trains simply dump the restroom wastes on the tracks. So, be prepared to see the ground when you flush the toilet.

Fun and weird eating preferences

  • The most popular Ukrainian dish is borsch. It is always eaten with bread and garlic or with pampushki. This traditional dish is known all over the world and all foreigners wish to taste it, when they come to visit Ukraine for the first time.
  • Ukrainians like to eat salo. It is thin sliced fat of a pig. Usually, it is salty and spicy. It is eaten with borsch or simply as a separate dish. But what a paradox, Ukrainian ladies are still the most beautiful and slim in the whole world.
  • Nation that likes spirits. Ukrainians like to drink and it is not a secret. The traditional alcoholic drink is horilka. Ukrainians occupy the fourth place among the most drinking nations. The Ukrainian adult drinks about 27,5 pints of alcohol per year. Ukrainians give way only to Russians, Moldovans, Czechs and Hungarians. When Ukrainians celebrated the 20thanniversary of their independence, they decided to fill the huge Champaign flute with 75 bottles of Champaign.
  • Mayonnaise lovers. Ukrainian men and some ladies too, like to eat bread with mayonnaise with almost every dish. There are some species, which eat it even with dumplings and pasta.

Ukrainian people can be proud of …

The most beautiful ladies

It is not a secret that Ukrainian women are considered to be among the most beautiful ladies in the world. If to trust Travel Digest, Kiev is a city that is number one in the list of cities with the best women on the planet. If you don’t trust, just walk through Ukrainian capital and you will get the real aesthetic pleasure.

Skilled craftsmen

Ukrainians are very talented people, they can do almost everything, they can even shoe a flea. The famous craftsman Mykola Syadristy was able to do it and it is possible to see the proof in the museum of microminiature that is situated in Kiev.

Beautiful Ukrainian language

Ukrainians have not only the most beautiful ladies, but they can boast with the one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Ukrainian language occupies the third place in the world by its beauty. The first place belongs to French language and the second one to Persian. More than that, Ukrainian language is very melodic and it pets your ears, when you listen to Ukrainian songs and hear Ukrainian speech.


The first gas lamp was invented in Lviv. The name of the inventor was Ignatiy Lukasevych. The year when the gas lamp saw the world was 1853 and the same year it was used to conduct the surgery.

Skilled sportsmen

Ukrainians are not only talented singers, dancers and people of different arts, Ukrainians are very talented sportsmen. The national soccer team has won against the long list of countries, they are Belarus, Andorra, Estonia, Moldova, Croatia, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Tunisia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, France, England, Portugal, Macedonia, Montenegro, United States, Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Latvia, Israel, San Marino and others.

Many famous stars

A lot of famous celebrities come from Ukraine. So, you can ask such actresses as Mila Yovovich or Mila Kunis to cook borsch for you.

Beautiful currency

International financial bank awarded hryvna, the national currency, to be the most beautiful currency.


Ukraine can boast with the longest musical instrument in the world. Its name is trembita.  It looks like a very long pipe and is popular in the western part of Ukraine. Carpathian hutsuls play it on different holidays and special occasions.

One of the oldest cities

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev, this city was founded even earlier than Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Dublin, Los Angeles and other cities. Kiev was founded in 482.

Weird and popular places in Ukraine

  • Lysa Gora. There is a magic place in Kiev and it is called Lysa Gora (Bold Mountain). Folk believes that witches come there to do their magic rituals. So, don’t choose this destination for the evening walk.
  • The most romantic tunnel. Ukraine can boast with the one of the most romantic places in the world, it is the Tunnel of Love. It is situated in Rivnenska Oblast and its length is about 3 km. It is one of the most beautiful railway strips that have ever existed.
  • The most visited McDonalds. If you like McDonalds, then you have to visit the restaurant that is located in Kiev. It is on the third place among the most visited McDonalds in the world. It is situated near the railways station in Kiev.
  • City with the highest rate of restaurants. Lviv is known not only thanks to many historical places and castles, it is known for the great number of cafes and restaurants. The number of restaurants per person is the highest in the world. There are about 1500 different places, where you can eat something delicious or drink hot chocolate. By the way, Lviv can boast with its extremely tasty chocolate and small cafes that serve various desserts.

And a simply weird writing rule

When Ukraine was a part of the former USSR, it was necessary to say – The Ukraine. Today it is necessary to write the name of the country without any article. Simply write – Ukraine.