How 156 pages speak about human rights in Crimea

How 156 pages speak about human rights in Crimea

June 15, 2014 – Today is the official release of the legal report on human rights in Crimea: "Human Rights on Occupied Territory: Case of Crimea”, prepared by a team of international lawyers on behalf of Razom, a Ukrainian-American Human Rights organization, reports UAPOST.

The findings about the conditions of human rights on Crimean peninsula will be officially presented on June 15-19 in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv) and on June 21-25 in Strasbourg (Germany), and Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium).

As noted on Razom website, this report “illustrates the background of the crisis, analyzes the human rights in Crimea, including economic, social and cultural rights, and gives recommendations to improve the current situation to the Ukrainian and Russian governments, international community and civil society. A crucial part of this report is a Human Rights Protection Manual which aims to provide Crimeans of all ethnic and religious groups with access to justice by explaining their fundamental rights. It is Razom's intent and hope that this Manual will help lay people in Crimea learn how to protect their rights.”

For more details on this legal report, please visit Razom website.