When Technology Meets Art

When Technology Meets Art

In little Ukraine village, in Manhattan, the world of Engraved Leather Paintings emerged in one of the local cafes. We easily can name Klimat Lounge - Ukrainian Art Gallery. This place has already seen many young stars of Ukrainian Art. 

On October 8th the wooden walls of the lounge covered powerful images of paintings by Petro Lototskyi. He presented a unique art collection - Engraved Leather Paintings. For his work he used the art of young and talented artists: Deena So'OtehFedya ZavOlesya ZymaRoman VerhnyakYuriy Lozitskiy, Ліндсі Аарон, Віталік Нехай. This exhibition also included beautiful abstract art by Oksana Izbyanska which had her exhibition here earlier this year. 

Here is what Petro Lototskyi shared with UaPost.

UaPost: How do you create your art works? 

Petro L: I use computer to do engravings on leather. As for ideas for my pieces, I use paintings and photographs by other artists. For example, I used work by Ліндсі Аарон who is from South Caroline, he fell in love with Ukrainian culture which inspired him to create this spectacular patriotic work of Taras Shevchenko. It was truly special because he is not Ukrainian.

Another great artist that I worked with is Deena So'Otec. She drew ten paintings specially for me. There are many people whose talents made this exhibition simply incredible, and so full and rich with different themes. 

UaPost: How many works are presented here today? 

Pedro L: This is my first presentation and I showed here 30 paintings. 

UaPost: How mush time did you spend on them?

I took me 2,5 months to finish it all. I am working and playing at Ivan Bernatsky Theater, so it took me some time. 


Everyone who is interested to see this unique exhibition by young Ukrainian talent Petro Lototskyi has a chance to do it by October 31st. To see more of Petro Lototskyi's art, check out his webpage at


 Big Thanks for amazing photographs to Roman Verhnyak, another talented Ukrainian artist! Check out his FB page for his professional photography.