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8 December 21:00

At Bolshoi, World Ballet Stars Dance for Ukraine

A dozen ballet stars have participated in a gala at Moscow's iconic Bolshoi Theater in support of young dancers in Ukraine.

3 December 08:44

Accident Occurred At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, But Poses No Danger: Govt

Ukraine's energy authorities said on Wednesday that an accident at a nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya in the south-east of the country posed no danger and the plant would return to normal operations on Dec. 5.

1 December 12:17

Lithuanians want to rename public square in front of Russian embassy by name of Euromaidan

A new initiative has been launched in Lithuania, which is dedicated to cherish the remembrance of the fight for freedom of Ukrainians in the Euromaidan Revolution.

28 November 00:56

Poroshenko wants a foreigner to head up anti-corruption bureau

He noted that the simplification and acceleration of the procedure granting Ukrainian citizenship would provide another opportunity to attract foreigners.

25 November 11:47

Russian Soldiers Said Injuring Themselves to Avoid Being Sent to Ukraine

As the Russian war in Ukraine continues, that trend will only continue as will both the combat losses Vasiliyeva has pointed to before and this kind of self-inflicted wounding.

22 November 13:16

“Heroic Humanism” of the Maidan

“Unjust authority is not authority, as an unjust law is not a law.” “Power without authority is tyranny.” – Jacques Maritain

17 November 15:38

Ukraine is now the most dangerous place in the world — Poroshenko

“Ukraine is now the most dangerous place in the world, even more dangerous than the threat of the Islamic state and everything that is now happening in the Middle East.


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