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13 August 00:41

Трамп назвав "фальшивкою" кандидатку на пост віцепрезидента від демократів

Президент Дональд Трамп відреагував на оголошення кандидатом на посаду віцепрезидента від демократів

2 April 16:12

U.S. Senator: New Antitank Weapons For Ukraine Will Help Bring Peace

A top U.S. senator says advanced U.S. antitank weapons will allow Ukraine to better defend itself against Russian aggression as the conflict there enters its fifth year.

2 March 05:59

US approves sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

Ukraine is on the verge of obtaining 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 37 launch units from the US.

8 February 08:49

U.S. House of Representatives supported Act aimed to enhance the U.S.-Ukraine cybersecurity cooperation

U.S. House of Representatives supported Act (404 votes in favor) aimed to enhance the U.S.-Ukraine cybersecurity cooperation.

5 February 15:01

Beyonce’s daughter wears ensemble by Ukrainian designer at Grammy Awards 2018

Personal stylist of Beyonce and Blue Ivy specifically ordered a few outfits by Ukrainian designer.

17 January 13:28

Parma is home to Ohio's largest Ukrainian community; several Cleveland suburbs rank high

Parma is home to Ohio's largest Ukrainian community and several southwestern suburbs of Cleveland rank high statewide as well.

2 January 07:38

This borscht is gorgeous and good for you — The Washington Post

Loaded with root vegetables and flavor, it comes together in about an hour.

12 December 15:08

Why Nato must defend women's rights

Sexual violence continues to be employed as a tactic of war in numerous conflicts from Myanmar to Ukraine and Syria to Somalia.

7 December 17:32

In Vienna, Tillerson Spars With Lavrov on Ukraine Conflicts

Se​cretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday the United States will not lift sanctions against Russia until Moscow withdraws its forces out of eastern Ukraine and Crimea.


Christmas tree in New York City to be decorated with Ukrainian toys

The main Christmas tree of the USA has arrived at Rockefeller Plaza.

14 November 05:31

The New York Times reacts to appearance of a map with ‘disputed’ Crimea

The newspaper study the issue with a scandalous illustration.

13 November 12:12

US expat finds unlikely inspiration among the unsung heroes of Ukraine’s low profile American football scene

Alfonsine Williams reflects on what has been an entirely unexpected but rewarding journey as an American football coach in Ukraine.

23 October 19:33

Canada sees expanding investment opportunities in Ukraine’s renewable energy market

Canadian company launches multimillion-dollar investment into Ukrainian solar energy with Nikopol plant

20 October 13:10

The Griffins Hire Belarusian Nanny For Kids

She is a real badass!

22 September 17:55

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk joins Stanford as a visiting scholar this fall

Vakarchuk is a Ukrainian civic activist, musician and the lead vocalist and founder of the band “Okean Elzy.

18 September 18:15

Netflix making documentary about Ukrainian prisons, - Ministry of Justice

The film will showcase the inmate’s path from getting into prison to being released.

14 September 08:50

United States condemn sentence of Chyigoz

U.S. State Department said Russia is persecuting Crimean Tatars.

23 August 08:27

Americans celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day

Every year in August, communities across America — from San Francisco, to Houston, to Chicago, to New York — celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day.

18 August 04:32

Mayor Murray calls for the removal of controversial monuments in Seattle

With the movement to take down Confederate statues on the East Coast, some are demanding the removal of controversial monuments in Seattle, including Mayor Ed Murray.

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