Sniper known as Snow White is ‘liquidated’ in Ukraine

Sniper known as Snow White is ‘liquidated’ in Ukraine

A sniper known as Snow White has been killed in eastern Ukraine, according to reports from the region. Pro-Putin fighter Anastasia Slobodyanyuk, 26, who was hailed for her ‘exceptional courage’ in bloody battles in the region, is said to have been killed by a Ukrainian sniper, Metro reports

A Twitter message read: ‘Today in Donbass in Spartak district our sniper wiped out Snow White, bitch, murderer, sadist. Givi “got back” his sweetheart.’ 

Her boyfriend was rebelling commander Mikhail ‘Givi’ Tolstykh, who was killed in February this year by a Shmel flamethrower rocket. He had been on the EU sanctions list.

Her toll of victims is not known but pro-Ukrainian forces expressed elation when claiming her death. She had refused to say why she had chosen the name Snow White but replied: ‘I am not from a fairy tale, I am from Crimea. It takes years to become a skillful sniper.

‘Now I am just a good shooter who does not use Kalashnikov but sniper’s gun. I am doing my best and I know I will succeed because there is no evil in me.’

Reports of her death have not been disputed by officials in the self-proclaimed DPR

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