Candlelight Vigil for Holodomor Victims

Candlelight Vigil for Holodomor Victims

Nov 22
з 17:00 до 18:00
333 Post Street (Union Square), San Francisco, CA 94102

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Please join us for the Candlelight Vigil for Holodomor Victims,
November 22, 2014, at 5:00pm,
Union Square, San Francisco.

We’ll gather to honor the memory of Famine-Genocide in Ukraine - Holodomor. We’ll hold placards featuring the photos of those murdered in Ukraine. We’ll sing Ukrainian anthem, songs of sorrows, and light candles in memory of the fallen heroes. You are welcome to say a prayer or meditation according to your religion or beliefs. Please bring your own Ukrainian flags and/or posters appropriate for this event. CANDLES BELONG TO UACC.

Union Square Parking locations:

Organized by Ukrainian American Coordinating Council with support of Микита Сафроненко, Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California, St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church, SUSTA - Українське Студентство в Америці and Ukrainians in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area.

* Please reply “yes” if you are planning to come. If you are not able to come (live far from San Francisco, etc.) but support this event, please reply “maybe”.

** If you are not supporting the cause, please do not bother coming to this event or comment at this page