Children of War: exhibition of children's artwork

Children of War: exhibition of children's artwork

Dec 17 Feb 12
з 12:00 до 19:00
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, Illinois

Children in Ukraine were caught in the midst of missile attacks on civilian targets and the horrors of Russian occupation. 

By experiencing trauma, horror, loss of life, and loss of innocence, many children developed post-traumatic stress that prevented them from communicating or feeling safe. 

Beginning in March 2022, Lviv artist and art teacher Nataliia Pavliuk and her daughter Yustyna began an art therapy program in Lviv in Western Ukraine, where many refugees settled. They held classes in orphanages, hospitals, community centers, and art galleries.

Nataliia Pavliuk commented, “These children saw ‘hell’ in the true sense of the word, but they continue to live as children, with hope and love in their hearts. We will continue these art therapy sessions as long as they are needed.”