Ukrainians launched a new startup: an eco-toy store DoEcoLiving

Ukrainians launched a new startup: an eco-toy store DoEcoLiving

Recently, Ukrainians launched a new startup DoEcoLiving that unites an eco-project and an eco-toy store.

According to the author of the project Yuri Kozachinsky, DoEcoLiving has several goals.

The top goal is the parenting of children in the eco-spirit.

We must take care of our children by giving them environmentally friendly toys. Playing with such toys the child will be able to develop safely, be healthy, and most importantly, be educated in the spirit of a positive attitude towards nature. The toy will be recycled or become part of nature again after it has already "lived its life". While the child is growing, from birth and up to 16 years, mothers and grandmothers can buy approved environmentally friendly toys, constructors, puzzles, etc. in one place. Playing with DoEcoLiving toys, children spend more time in real games than in the virtual world of computers.

The second goal is the promotion of Ukrainian goods in the US market.

We want to consolidate the image of Ukrainian goods as a high-quality and environmentally friendly product for the American consumer. Most of the brands represented by us are Ukrainian. We are currently negotiating with a number of Ukrainian manufacturers to expand our range. There are plans to launch a line of children's toys for Montessori parenting with our own brand DoEcoLiving.

The third goal is an eco-project where everyone can take responsibility for the future of the planet.

A big dream begins from a small step towards it. If each of us starts taking small steps today, it is already 7,000,000,000 steps every day. Your one daily action is 30 actions per month. Accordingly, we have a permanent discount program "small step to a big goal", where if you do small eco actions you will improve the environmental situation and get an additional discount for our products. Also, we have launched a global campaign "28 orders = 1 new tree" where, for every 28 orders, we pledge to buy 1 seedling and plant it. As a result, if you shop at our online store you get a wonderful ecological product and ALREADY HELP nature. In addition, all the time we are introducing various temporary "eco propositions".

We launched our project at the beginning of the year and were quarantined almost immediately. Of course, as with any small business, even a new one, it was very difficult. Now things are gradually getting better and we are already looking forward to the future.

In conclusion, we hope that our project will be supported by the Ukrainian diaspora because it is a native Ukrainian product. That is why we are open for cooperation with the Ukrainian community.   

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