Presence. Art exhibit by Olha Fedoruk & Oksana Kami

Presence. Art exhibit by Olha Fedoruk & Oksana Kami

Nov 03 24
з 19:00
Ukrainian National Museum, 2249 W Superior St, Chicago, Illinois 60612
paid entrance

Olha Fedoruk is an artist who lives and works in the City of Lviv in Western Ukraine. Her style is uniquely her own. Combining graphic art with painting, her work is multifaceted and multidimensional. I can safely say, that one would be hard pressed to find an artist working today with a creativity quite like hers. 

"You can't isolate yourself from the world. I see the world and all of us as one living organism. We're all interconnected, like the cells of a body, all of us. So that when some disquiet affects other people it passes through to us as well. You can't escape it. You can't fly away as if into the cosmos, you're a part of it. That's why, as a way to counteract this negative force I'm drawn to more spiritual modes that I strive for in my work." Ukrainian Chicago magazine, "Finding balance through art"

Oksana Kami studied art history at Lviv National Academy of Art (Ukraine). After graduating with MA, she pursued photography. Within five years after settling in Chicago, IL, she went through a transformation which finally lead her to fine art photography as a field where she could share what she felt. Whether it has a vibe of a surreal parallel world or of quiet introspection, her work is meant to make people feel each micro-moment. She incorporates esoteric themes into her photography work. Through her work, she tries to convey the idea that time is not linear. 

"In a world where all moments exist simultaneously, one can change her past as well as her future. This multidimensional world allows us to visit the world of our dreams or to face our worst fears".

Presence. November 3 - 24. 
Ukrainian National museum 
Support provided by "Selfrelience"