USA news

A top U.S. senator says advanced U.S. antitank weapons will allow Ukraine to better defend itself against Russian aggression as the conflict there enters its fifth year.
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Ukraine is on the verge of obtaining 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 37 launch units from the US.
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U.S. House of Representatives supported Act (404 votes in favor) aimed to enhance the U.S.-Ukraine cybersecurity cooperation.
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Personal stylist of Beyonce and Blue Ivy specifically ordered a few outfits by Ukrainian designer.
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Ukrainian news

Recently, Ukrainians launched a new startup DoEcoLiving that unites an eco-project and an eco-toy store. According to the author of the project Yuri Kozachinsky, DoEcoLiving has several goals.
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As Ukraine continues to relax currency controls, the country’s ATMs will be able to dispense US dollars and euros beginning in early February.
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Created by PACE in 1955, the Europe Prize is the highest distinction that can be bestowed on a European town for its actions in the European domain.
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Poroshenko urged the government to present a proposal to lawmakers on Ukraine's full withdrawal from the CIS, which Kyiv has been an associate member of since the group was formed following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
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On April 3, Nestle CEO for Ukraine and Moldova about company's plan to invest $26.2 million to factory in Kharkiv
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Chicago news

A number of publications listed Nadia Gordon, a Ukrainian native, among 10 top interior designers in Chicago
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Ezlogz is extremely user-friendly, offering multi-language support in several languages ​​specifically to help immigrant drivers to adapt to the American roads.
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Rahm Emanuel signed Proclamation to announce November 24, 2018 as Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Holodomor in the city of Chicago
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The Holy Father has appointed as bishop of the eparchy of Saint Nicholas of Chicago of the Ukrainians His Excellency Msgr. Venedykt (Valery) Aleksiychuk.
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Chicago teenagers got a nice gift for the holidays: free admission into the Art Institute next year.
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World news

The Hollywood actor who portrayed T-1000, the bad guy from 'Terminator 2: The Judgment Day' will appear in the film based on the story by Ivan Franko, the prominent Ukrainian poet and prosaic
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He is suspected of state treason.
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It was reported that the citizen of Ukraine was accused of espionage.
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The Royal Canadian Mint issues a gold-plated coin in the shape of Ukrainian Easter egg pysanka.
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Leading diplomats of Ukraine and the U.S. met in Paris for negotiations.
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Ballpoint Pen Art by Andriy Poletaev

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01/13 Boxing Night (Star guest: Roy Jones Jr.)

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Christmas Carols and Hits with Tina Karol

Chicago, Illinois 60630
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MYTH in Chicago

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Chicago, Illinois 60622
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MYTH in Chicago

Chicago, IL 60622
Nov 26 free entrance

Free Admission - Ukrainian Fashion Show Afterparty

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Presence. Art exhibit by Olha Fedoruk & Oksana Kami

Chicago, Illinois 60612
Nov 03 - 24 paid entrance

Boxing Night in Elk Grove Village, IL

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Oct 27 paid entrance

Anne Applebaum

Chicago, Illinois 60622
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What is Young Business Club?
Young Business Club is the largest young business club in Europe
Free Idel-Ural demands from Russia to stop the oppression of freedom of speech on the internet
Activists expressed a demand for embassy personnel to become an active part of outdoor public communication, but Russian diplomats preferred to monitor the picket through embassy windows.
Johnson, Durbin Continue Push for Strong Response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine
U.S. Sens Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) were joined by 62 of their colleagues in introducing a resolution Thursday that calls for a prompt multinational freedom of navigation operation in the Black Sea and the cancellation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in response to Russia’s aggressive actions in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov.
Top Russian news host takes aim at Ukrainian Canadians
Russian documentary suggests Ukrainians 'dictate Canadian foreign policy'.
UCCA Responds To President Trump’s Stunning Press Conference In Helsinki
The Ukrainian-American community, as do all Americans, look to our Commander-in-Chief to live up not only to his oath of office in defense of our Republic, but to stand in defense of our ideals of Liberty and Democracy when confronted by a foreign adversary.
Kurt Volker on the Ukraine Conflict
Kurt Volker addresses OSCE on Ukraine: "It’s not a civil war, it’s not a conflict between Russians and Ukrainians ethnically. It is a State to State conflict. It is a conflict in which Russia has put its forces onto the territory of Ukraine."