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6 April 03:27

What should Russia do with Ukraine?

We publish this text by Russian political strategist Timofey Sergeytsev to show the world HOW RUSSIANS JUSTIFY THE GENOCIDE in Ukraine

13 August 00:41

Трамп назвав "фальшивкою" кандидатку на пост віцепрезидента від демократів

Президент Дональд Трамп відреагував на оголошення кандидатом на посаду віцепрезидента від демократів

10 July 05:59

Ukrainians launched a new startup:an eco-toy store

Recently, Ukrainians launched a new startup DoEcoLiving that unites an eco-project and an eco-toy store. According to the author of the project Yuri Kozachinsky, DoEcoLiving has several goals.

4 May 14:59

Ukrainian born designer among Top-10 Interior designers in Chicago

A number of publications listed Nadia Gordon, a Ukrainian native, among 10 top interior designers in Chicago

5 June 18:01

Ukrainian founder has developed a unique service for the transport industry in the USA

Ezlogz is extremely user-friendly, offering multi-language support in several languages ​​specifically to help immigrant drivers to adapt to the American roads.

21 January 22:35

Ukrainian ATMs will be offering US dollars and euros in February

As Ukraine continues to relax currency controls, the country’s ATMs will be able to dispense US dollars and euros beginning in early February.

20 June 11:55

Robert Patrick to play lead role in Akhtem Seitablayev's 'Zakhar Berkut' movie

The Hollywood actor who portrayed T-1000, the bad guy from 'Terminator 2: The Judgment Day' will appear in the film based on the story by Ivan Franko, the prominent Ukrainian poet and prosaic

22 May 06:13

2018 Europe Prize is awarded to the Ukrainian town of Ivano-Frankivsk

Created by PACE in 1955, the Europe Prize is the highest distinction that can be bestowed on a European town for its actions in the European domain.

13 April 00:00

Leaders of Ukrainian community met with Mayor of Chicago

Rahm Emanuel signed Proclamation to announce November 24, 2018 as Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Holodomor in the city of Chicago

12 April 21:17

Ukraine Announces Plans To Quit CIS, Terminate Parts Of Russia Friendship Treaty - RadioLiberty

Poroshenko urged the government to present a proposal to lawmakers on Ukraine's full withdrawal from the CIS, which Kyiv has been an associate member of since the group was formed following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

11 April 16:25

Nestle to Reconstruct Kharkiv Food Factory

On April 3, Nestle CEO for Ukraine and Moldova about company's plan to invest $26.2 million to factory in Kharkiv

9 April 20:59

President of Ukraine proposes Germany to modernize Ukrainian GTS

Poroshenko said that the development of the gas transportation infrastructure in Ukraine would not require multi-billion investments.

4 April 16:03

Ukraine starts to issue e-visas for citizens of 46 countries

April 4, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine starts to issue the electronic visas for entry to Ukraine for citizens of 46 countries.

2 April 16:12

U.S. Senator: New Antitank Weapons For Ukraine Will Help Bring Peace

A top U.S. senator says advanced U.S. antitank weapons will allow Ukraine to better defend itself against Russian aggression as the conflict there enters its fifth year.

29 March 16:02

Filming Story of Brave British Journalist Starts in Kharkiv

The movie will also be filmed in Poland and Scotland.

28 March 12:42

Ukraine, Israel wrap up free trade talks

The FTA will be signed after both sides do a legal review of it.


Russian serviceman applies for refugee status in Ukraine

Later it turned out that Russian citizen Sergei Udovichenko is an ethnic Ukrainian.

27 March 15:58

Oman simplifies visa regime with Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens will be able to complete the visa procedure by using the e-service on the website of the Royal Police of Sultanate of Oman.

26 March 16:48

Ukrainians denied right to refuse from ID cards due to religious views

This decision of Ukraine's Supreme Court in this case is imposable and is to be completed in all similar cases.

23 March 12:32

Court arrested Savchenko for two months without bail

The lawyers insisted on the preventive measures, which are not connected with custody.

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