Ukrainian founder has developed a unique service for the transport industry in the USA

Ukrainian founder has developed a unique service for the transport industry in the USA

Truck driver's job is one of the most popular in the United States. At first glance, this job does not look very hard or complicated: you operate the vehicle (only of the bigger size), see the beautiful places, meet new people. However, from a technical point of view, novices, as well as experienced drivers, can face different professional challenges.

Driving the truck is quite different from driving a car. In addition, long-distance journeys in unknown areas can be unpredictable. Unknown road connections, unexpected road repairs, unforeseen accidents and traffic jams can cause drivers to fell behind their schedules, what, mostly, is not acceptable in most companies.

That's why Ezlogz has created the eponymous application, which has become the ideal ELD solution for the transport companies.

This is a special application with built-in Trucker Trip Planner. The application is able to calculate precisely the estimated time of arrival in real-time mode. While calculating Ezlogz takes into consideration several aspects of the journey, such as current traffic conditions along the route, the truck driver´s hours of service, rest breaks, speed limits, and the current weather conditions. Thus the driver will always know precisely when he will arrive at the destination.

Moreover, the app also helps to plan the route in such a way as to save time, money and resources as much as possible, making the journey much more predictable, safe and secure. Ezlogz lets you interact with other truck drivers, family and friends, instantly store and publish important documents, and even scan them, share videos and photos, etc.

Herewith,  Ezlogz is extremely user-friendly, offering multi-language support in several languages specifically to help immigrant drivers to adapt to the American roads.

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