Ukrainian born designer among Top-10 Interior designers in Chicago

Ukrainian born designer among Top-10 Interior designers in Chicago

A number of publications listed Nadia Gordon, a Ukrainian native, among 10 top interior designers in Chicago.

Decorilla includes Nadia Gordon Designs in 10 Best Chicago Interior Designers.
With attention to detail and an impeccable eye for color and texture, Nadia Gordon relishes in transitional and
modern styles. Nadia is convinced that a secret to a successful project lies in seeing through her customer’s
vision, deciphering it and finally guiding them through to gorgeous completion. As a Chicago interior designer,
Nadia works with projects of all sizes, from large house designs to single room projects.
Life-style publication JetSetty chose Nadia Gordon as one of Top 5 Interior Designers Anchored In The
Windy City.

According to Nadia, “The biggest mistake a designer can make is to impose their vision on their
clients. One may end up with a beautiful space, but also a space that is foreign to their customer.”
This truth has enabled Nadia to become a self-proclaimed, “design chameleon that is able to change
and re-adapt to each customer’s needs, their specific style and preferences.”
This is how the publication's author describes Nadia's work: "The airy feel she creates makes you feel
like you can float through her elegant rooms, as a touch of boldness and earth tones gently bring you
back down. You might say she creates a little heaven on Earth."
Another publication Decorill have named Nadia Gordon Designs as one of Ten Finest Interior Stylist in

Famous Chicago designers Nate Berkus, Antony Michael and others were also included there.
Nadia Gordon immigrated to the United States from Lviv in 2005.
In 2013 she graduated from Harrington College of Design with the degree of Master of Arts in Interior
Nadia is an Allied Member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

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