"Our goal - to bring this government down" (from "Winter on Fire")

"Our goal - to bring this government down" (from "Winter on Fire")

On October 9th New Yorkers were able to watch Ukrainian film about Maidan “Winter on Fire” directed by Evgeny Afineevsky. Everyone who is curious to see what born in Russia, raised in Israel and now USA citizen saw in Ukraine during 2013 - 2014 has a chance to watch "Winter on Fire" at IFC Center from October 9th till October 15th.

On the first day of showing the film, its director Evgeny Afineevsky was present himself, and was quite frankly answering many questions from the audience. 

He spoke positive of Ukraine and as he said, he “was moved and inspired by bravery, determination and unity of Ukrainians.” He highlighted the fact that “he has never seen such a unity of different religions like Catholics, Orthodox, Muslim and Jews, Buddhists, and non-religious people who all stood side by side, san songs, ate the same food.”

Another important point he made that being an outsider and speaking Russian language in Ukraine, he never felt discomfort or was shamed or oppressed because of this. He met many fascinated people who helped him along the way to make the film.

When he went to Ukraine in November of 2013, he planed to spend there 2 weeks, but at the end he was there 6 months. Filming Ukraine was an emotional experience for him, and it became his dream to show it to the world. 

Now, this film “Winter on Fire” is available to 50 countries and nearly 65 million viewers on Netflix. This is absolutely amazing and groundbreaking achievement to every one who added his or her contribution to this film. 

The director has plans to bring this film to Ukraine in spring of 2016. He said, “people of Ukraine is waiting for it because with this film they can remind their government that people are the power, and all what they fought for so hard and gave their life for freedom and European future must not be forgotten.”